Here is a summary of most of the projects I have undertaken and completed in my engineering undergraduate career. Should any project interest you, you are welcome to request details about it.

Senior Design Project

Biopotential Ocular Tracking System

Research, design and implementation of an inexpensive standalone human machine interface based on eye tracking; using EOG bioelectrical signals acquired from human eyes; for designed embedded hardware and software applications control.

International-scale Project
  • Fabrication of a mobile Rescue Robot for participation in the RoboCup Iran Open 2010, Tehran and RoboCup 2010 finals at Singapore [details at dedicated site (see Blogroll)]
National-scale Project
  • Headed a team of six to design and fabricate an autonomous line-tracking mobile robot and participated in NERC 2009, the largest robotics contest in Pakistan
Course Projects
  • Digital Signal Processing:
    • Active Noise Control System, CDMA simulations, Radar DSP
  • ASIC Design:
    • Physical layout and Verilog design of adders and latches
  • Electronics II:
    • Organic semiconductor pressure sensors research review
    • CDMA implementation using serial interface and ASK modulation
  • Communication Theory:
    • Simultaneous FM and AM modulator and transmitter
  • Control Systems:
    • Robust Control System for Magnetic Levitation of Ferromagnetic Spheres
  • Signals & Systems:
    • Image Processing Edge Detection toolbox GUI using MATLAB
  • Microprocessor Interfacing:
    • Programming & interfacing of a rescue robot’s modules
  • Electric Machines:
    • Saturation effects demonstration on an induction motor through MATLAB GUI
  • Computer Architecture:
    • Implemented a hardwired Simple-as-Possible (SAP) computer
  • Electronics I:
    • Designed and implemented a low frequency amplifier for sonic fire extinguishing
  • Circuit Analysis II:
    • Phase shifter circuit with variable phase difference capability
  • Engineering Economy:
    • GSM/3G network replacement economic feasibility analysis
  • Logic Design:
    • Asynchronous data transmission and reception through a single line
  • Circuit Analysis I:
    • Ultrasonic proximity sensor using ultrasonic transducers
  • Intensive Programming:
    • Developed the game Hangman with GUI in C language

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